Caffè Macchiato with camel milk

Ingredients (for 2 glasses Camel milk macchiato)

Actually, a camel milk macchiato nothing more but whipped camel milk, which is served in an espresso.

To do well, you need a tall glass that is suitable for hot drinks. A small saucepan in which you do the camel milk and softly heat it up. Make sure you do not boil the milk. Simultaneously whisk the milk gently, with a small whisk until it turns into a nice foam. Make an espresso. When the foam is whipped you take the foam, and optionally a small amount of the liquid milk that remains, and pour it into the glass until the glass is nearly full. Then pour the warm espresso into the glass so you get a nice Camel milk macchiato. Optionally, you can add some sugar.

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