About Us

UK Camel Milk Ltd was established in 2013. It primary purpose is in the supply of camel milk and camel milk related products in the UK and the rest of the world.  Some of our produts include:

A full comprehensive list of our products, their prices and delivery details can be found on the products page.

The benefits of camel milk are well known in the Middle East and Africa, but not so much awareness is currently present in the West.

About The Farm

Camel Dairy Farm Smits, a Dutch dairy farm with camels, located in the village Berlicum near ‘s-Hertogenbosch. It’s the only camel dairy farm in Europe and the milk from this farm is the only one that may be sold legally in the EU. Besides that the camel milk is sold in the Netherlands, it is also exported to the UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Sweden.

The company was founded by Frank Smits in 2006 and started in Cromvoirt in Den Bosch. The current location was opened in 2010. On the camel dairy farm, there are open days and other activities organized in Berlicum. Since April 2014 the company also has a restaurant that allows you to extend your visit to the camel dairy with a lunch or diner.

The camels of the company are actually dromedary camels (one-humped camels), imported from the Canary Islands. There are about 80 dromedary camels of which about 25 are milked, which provides a total of about 175 liters of milk per day. In the menu camels you can look live at the camels via our webcams!

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